You're Gonna Love This

“When Noah sailed the waters blue,
he had his troubles same as you.
For forty days he drove the ark,
until he found a place to park.”

The author of that poem took some obvious liberties as far as Noah looking for a place to park. But he hit the nail on the head in regard to Noah being like us.
How many times do you suppose people pick up a Bible and try to read it and think to themselves, “There’s no way this relates to me … I’m not like these people.”

For example, we can’t imagine some Bible character struggling to make a mortgage payment, or having rebellious children, or having a huge stack of monthly bills and a puny paycheck.
So many struggle to understand, although times are very different, people are basically the same.

You might be interested to know MOSES struggled for quite some time while working for his father-in-law, JETHRO. ADAM and EVE most likely had to change diapers. After all, the entire human race began with them, and I’ll bet whatever they used was nothing compared to what we have today!

ELIJAH struggled economically during times of intense famine. DAVID, a king in Israel, struggled with lust and adultery. A very talented but troubled man named NEBUCHADNEZZAR had an ego problem that cost him everything. ABRAHAM lied on several occasions. So did his son, ISAAC. PETER, one of the most prominent followers of JESUS, was known to have a problem with cursing and swearing.

The SAMARITAN WOMAN had been married and divorced numerous times and was living with a man who was not her husband when she encountered the Lord. JONAH is remembered even today for his rebellious spirit and disobedient lifestyle which led to the biggest “fish story” you’ve ever heard. (Yet, it’s true!)

The stories of each of these people are found in the pages of the Bible. And it doesn’t matter who you point to, they are basically the same as people today. They struggled just like we do and had to deal with problems just like we do.

That’s what makes the Bible so unique. God has provided “real-life” examples of people JUST LIKE US, so we can profit from their pain, learn from their losses, avoid their mistakes and failures and use their stories as steppingstones for our own success.

The Bible isn’t a collection of feel-good stories that make for good late-night reading when you can’t sleep or simply for soothing verses to be read at someone’s funeral. Rather, it is one continuous story that tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about people’s real-life struggles with temptation, sin, the devil, people, problems, kids, families, finances, you name it.

When we take the time to read the whole story and learn from it, we can rewrite our own story for eternity.

In a world of increasing uncertainty, insecurity, and hopelessness, we have a place we can go for answers.

So, whatever your problem is today, I know just the book to help you. It’s called the BIBLE.
Come study the BIBLE with us here at First Church.

We have plenty of parking, too!

Pastor David

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