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Wind & Fire The Holy Spirit

When Jesus was preparing to leave His disciples, He promised that He would send them an Advocate—the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was never meant to be forgotten or overlooked; He impacts the everyday moments of our lives!  Like a powerful force of wind that moves all it touches, we were made to move with the Spirit. Like a raging fire that changes the nature of all it comes in contact with, we were made to be transformed by the Spirit. Jesus’ intention is for us to be awakened to the person, promise, power, and presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Person of the Holy Spirit – May 24

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, we see the person of the Holy Spirit being present on and in people to fulfill God’s plan for humanity. The Spirit plays a distinct role in the Trinity that cannot be ignored.

The Promise of the Holy Spirit – May 31

The promise of the Holy Spirit is a promise of true life. He is our promised Advocate, filling our lives permanently with His presence and unleashing us to live out of the promises of God.

The Power of the Holy Spirit – June 7

Jesus pours out His Spirit over His church to guide our hearts—comforting us when we grieve, counseling us when we stray, and calling us by His Word to live in true freedom.

The Presence of the Holy Spirit – June 14

When we receive the Holy Spirit, we are given the responsibility of denying ourselves as His presence moves us to live boldly. When we daily invite the Spirit’s presence into our lives, we experience true transformation

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