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In a world filled with death, war, and evil, how are we to face what feels like an unknowable future? What do we do with our anxiety regarding the days ahead? This 5-week message series is based on the book of 2 Thessalonians, and provides comfort and reassurance to those living in uncertain times. These letters discuss the future of Christ’s Second Coming, and what believers should do while awaiting his return. Paul encourages believers to be prepared, to cling to the truth of what they have been taught, and to live responsibly in light of the future. How can we take these words to heart, and face the future without fear?

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180: Time for a TurnaroundWe are starting the New Year with a two-week series called “180: Time for a Turnaround.”  There’s just something about the beginning of a year where we think in those terms of: “What needs to change?” and “How should we be living different in...



180: Time for a TurnaroundAs we begin a new year, our focus is on the future.  We’re thinking about the upcoming year, not the past year.  But just for a minute I want you to think about 2020.  You can go back even further if you want.  But what would you say as you...

You Should Just Give Up

You Should Just Give Up

The Lies We Believe and the Truth that Sets Us Free “You Should Just Give Up” Series: Flip the Script – Part 5 Job 19:25-27Here’s the thing about what we believe.  What we believe doesn’t have to be true to have the power of truth over us.  We just have to believe...