Matthew 28:16-20

The Great Commission
16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Impact campus Ministries

Their Mission

Impact Campus Ministries exists to pursue, model, and teach intimacy with God on the American university campus, in Christian community, impacting the world with God’s redemptive story of grace and reconciliation of humanity through faith in Jesus.

Core Values

As we work to accomplish our mission and carry out our vision, both individually and organizationally, we are driven by these core values:
  • We value “passion for God.” We are committed to prayer and obedient to God’s Word, the Bible.
  • We value community with one another. We believe God created community (fellowship) and commands us to live in it with one another—holding each other accountable and doing ministry in teams.
  • We value high character and integrity. We believe our staff should reflect God’s character as His representatives in the world.
  • We value an attitude of excellence. We are committed to doing ministry to the best of our ability as an expression of our love for God. This includes raising the funds necessary to follow God’s calling in our ministry.
  • We value connection with the local church. We believe we should be connected to the church in obedience to Christ’s desires for us, as well as to maintain the necessary spiritual vitality in our lives.
  • We value compassion for people. We are committed to loving others, giving grace, and living in unity as a response to the love and grace God has shown us.

Our Response

Regular Financial Support
Educating Our Community

Our Response

Regular Financial Support
Special Offerings Financial Support
Educating Our Community


Their Mission

International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) exists to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ with five focus areas:

Our primary goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everything we do.

Disaster Response:
IDES works in partnership with Christ’s servants around the globe to care for victims of natural disasters.

Hunger Relief:
We fund both long and short term hunger relief efforts, providing nutritious meals for those in neeed.

Community Development:
 IDES’ mission partners help people create a better future for themselves and their children by providing them with a “hand-up” instead of just a “hand-out”.

Medical Care:
We provide medical supplies, equipment, prescription medications, vitamins, and other materials requested by mission partners worldwide.

Rapha International

Their Mission

Through our programs Rapha seeks to:
  • Prevent the trafficking of children before it starts.
  • Provide healing, hope, and freedom through quality care for children who have been rescued from trafficking.
  • Train and Reintegrate children who come into our care.
  • Educate, Engage, and Empower advocates to rise up and fight this injustice.

Our Response

Regular Financial Support
Educating Our Community

our response

Regular Financial Support
Educating Our Community

Deaf missions

Their Mission

The sole purpose of Deaf Missions is effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people worldwide.
The accomplish is many ways such as visuals, outreach, and training.

  • The Bible: American Sign Language Version
  • Big Bible Stories
  • ASL Sermon Series
  • Dr. Wonder’s Workshop
  • Daily Devotions for the Deaf

  • Bible Camp for the Deaf
  • Christ’s Church of the Deaf
  • After School Bible Classes
  • International Missions
  • Operation SERVE

  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Deaf Christian Leaders Conference
  • Christian Interpreters Conference
  • Extension Program
  • International Bible Training Center

our response

Sending Youth to Camp
Recruiting Volunteer Staff
Host a Camp for Midwest Christian Services Students
Donate Food Items to Camp
Regular Financial Support

Nebowa Christian camp

Their Mission

Camp Nebowa is yet another mission where we have the unique opportunity to not only support financially but directly as well. Each year we assist with getting youth and children to the camp both with financial support and transportation to and from. In the past we have also had members and youth be a part of the staff at the camps. Many lives are changed and transformed when they attend camp.
The mission of Nebowa Christian Camp is to facilitate a minsitry outlet for camp area Christian Churches in Nebraska and Iowa for the purpsoe of providing a Christian camp experience for youth and adults.

Midwest Christian Services

Their Mission

First Church of Christ has been honored to support the mission of Midwest Christian Services for over 50 years. It is one of those rare opportunities where we get to suppport a mission both financially and directly. The boys and staff attend our worship services and attend Bible classes following the service each week. We also plan and implement monthly birthday parties for them at the home. We are truly blessed to have them be a part of our church family.
The mission of Midwest Christian Services is to supply needs; physical, spiritual, and emotional for the clients and staff through Christian training and environment.

Midwest Christian Services has been serving children since 1963!  MCS provides residential treatment to male adolescents, ages 8 to 18.  The average treatment duration is 12 to 18 months.  Midwest is licensed by the Department of Human Services to provide Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Supportive Residential services.  Referrals are accepted from the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Services.

Midwest is located in Northwestern Iowa, four miles south of Peterson and eight miles north of Highway 3 on M-27.  The rural setting enhances the treatment focus and includes the benefits of country living.

Our Response

Monthly Financial Support
Monthly Birthday Parties
Camp Nebowa
Sunday School Classes
Volunteer Projects

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