2024 Bible Reading Plan

We have pulled together a bible reading plan from Bible Reading Plan Generator at It is a neat place to generate some interesting reading plans and layouts.  The one we created includes reading through the entire bible in a year. Each daily reading has a daily Psalm and Proverbs reading as well as the assigned book, chapter and verses for the day.  You can download our plan by clicking on the download button below.

Right now media

We've purchased unlimited access to thousands of Christian videos and are giving free access to everyone in our church.  You can download the app or sign up on a computer. You can even add it to your streaming channels. Click on the link below to register or scan the QR code in the image.

Rescuing Cinderella

Did you know we have a member of our church who is an author? Now you do. Our own Marcia Nelson has written a Christian book to help you to let Jesus into your life.  You can find it on Amazon or talk to Marcia yourself at church.

Here is the synopsis:
Life can be disappointing. Broken dreams, hurtful experiences, and even our own failures can bring us to a place of plodding along, burdened under the weight of heartbreak or others’ expectations. Faced with such challenges, some of us work harder, hoping that things will eventually get better. Others become angry and bitter. Cinderella knew this all too well. Thrown into sudden personal loss and cruel demands, she tried her best to keep her spirits up and please her stepmother and stepsisters. Sadly, her efforts failed. Cinderella’s salvation, however, lay not in her own efforts but in someone else—someone who would accept her for who she was, rescue her from disillusionment, and take her to his home where they could live happily ever after. God never meant for us to live in discouragement. Using the story of Cinderella, Rescuing Cinderella shows us how Jesus, God’s Son, came to give us the happily ever after God has for each one of us. We can let our difficulties bring us down or make us bitter and cruel, or we can let God give us His life and renew in us hope and expectation. When we exchange our struggles for God’s abundant life, we will become the delightful, wonderful, captivating women we were meant to be.