Lessons Learned from a Termite

On a flight from Omaha to Seattle last October, I read a fascinating article about termites. It was an airline magazine, and I was killing time until the plane took off when I saw the article. I almost turned the page. But something (or Someone) kept me from moving on until I read the article.

You’re already aware that termites are among the tiniest creatures on the planet. What you may not know is they cannot exist alone. They can only live in colonies. Colonies may number from one hundred up to one million individual termites.

Normally, in a single colony, there will be three different groups: 1) The Reproducers. 2) The Soldiers and 3) The Workers. Each has a specific task, and none are more important than the others. What is most important is they are completely interdependent upon each other. In other words, there are no “Lone Ranger” termites. Because, if one gets off by himself, he dies.
Surprised? There’s more ...

Termites have kings and queens. Usually one royal pair per colony. The queen is considerably larger than all the other termites. She can grow to an enormous size, sometimes as much as 20,000 times the size of her workers. And, in some species, the queen possesses the capacity to lay approximately 30,000 eggs a day. (Look out lumber yards!!)

Given enough time, termites will burrow their way through wooden structures until there is nothing left but a shell. By themselves they’re almost completely harmless. But once they colonize, they possess colossal capabilities to achieve what appears impossible.

What’s the point? I believe there are some incredible parallels between these tiny little creatures and those of us who call ourselves Christians.
Still with me?

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 6:6, “Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise!” Perhaps there’s wisdom in checking out the termite and considering its ways. Here are some lessons we can learn from the termite:

  1. Christians, like termites, cannot exist alone. God made us relational beings.
  2. Christians, like termites, have specific, individual tasks. None are more important than the others. Most important of all, we realize we are completely interdependent upon one another.
  3. “Lone Ranger” Christians, like “Lone Ranger” termites, die when they get off by themselves.
  4. Christians, like termites, have defined leadership. When leaders do what God designed them to do and the rest do what God designed them to do, the entire body can grow, multiply, and achieve the impossible.

Now, I’m not trying to bug you with all this. I’d just like to see us live up to the potential God has placed within us as His church and accomplish the impossible.

Learning a lesson or two from the termite would be a great place to start.

Pastor David

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